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Welcome to the Goblin Profitability Suite!

The primary goal of this resource is to replace some of the offline, speadsheet-based gold making resources that we're all familiar with. Although potentially less customizable, these modules should end up being more widely accessible, more user-friendly, and ultimately more powerful as well.

These modules are, for the most part, a work in progress, so please feel free to suggest any improvements, changes or feature requests that you would like to see. Also, if there's a specific module/resource you'd like thrown into the development cycle, send me an email, or create a post over at The Consortium and we'll see if we can get it up and running for you.

The Goblin Profitability Suite was designed and developed by Kathroman of The Consortium. Pricing data provided exclusively by WoWuction. For support, or to provide feedback, please send me a PM, or email me at info@wow-gps.net.